The idea for Chilli Consulting appeared when several of our entrepreneur friends contacted us independently from one another in a short time span with business needs that required them to have a better understanding of their financial strategy.

 Whether it was setting up a pricing strategy for a new product category, transforming an innovative business model into a profitable business, raising funds through debt or equity, launching a new token on blockchain, even preparing a pitch for VCs, all these things had in common a gap of know-how in their organization directly related to finance.
We soon realized that these entrepreneurs also had something else in common: they were all young, passionate, highly intelligent people, who’ve started with a great idea which gained traction and had exceeded their expectations in terms of interest from the markets and investors alike. They were faced with decisions that they had a hard time making because they didn’t have trusted information at hand, or they got up to a point where working with an outsourced accounting company was just not enough to support their finance needs for a forward looking vision of their worth, a 360 degree view of their business performance, or finding a common language with the consulting company that their investors hired to perform a financial due diligence.
Due to the phase of their growth or the size of their business, hiring a full time CFO was not on the table cost wise and appointing an external consultant was prohibitively expensive, so they had to settle either with a part time position or involve their potential investor, which would not necessarily be to their advantage.
We at Chilli Consulting bridge the gap between investor financial expectations and reality. Our vast experience spans from years of financial audit to internal development of financial functions, processes and systems, to strategic planning and roadmap building and management consulting for top tier global corporations. Our particular set of skills is an immense advantage when combined into an agile package and can be the partnership that you need simply because – apart from your big shot, high profile executives and firms – we commit to be REASONABLE, to UNDERSTAND your position and to WORK TOGETHER for your success.


Finance executive positions in fintech, financial services and payments industries
Management consulting in financial services i.e. banking, payments industry, cryptocurrencies
Project management in systems implementation from design & RFP, up to friends and family and hard launch
Financial audit in Big4


Consumer lending
Blockchain & crypto

Bayar’s experience stems from a unique mix of skills gained in 11 years of practicing finance in diverse roles and environments and 6 years of working in global consulting companies and with local boutique firms. This distinct career path has granted Bayar the possibility to position himself as an experienced finance professional with strong business acumen and strategic vision, excellent relationship management while at the same time indulging in deep diving to the root cause of problems, focused on identifying the optimal solutions with creativity and rigor.